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Albert Mould - AV Engineer
Rob Ewing - Operations Manager
Akbar Hasan aka “Snack”
Jason Dodd Aerial & Satellite Specialist
Albert Mould - AV Engineer
Reece Pupo - Head Project Manager
Cameron Hunter - AV Engineer

Albert Mould - AV Engineer


Background/about me:

I started my AV career at 17 years old. My enthusiasm for Video Games pushed me into the world of Home Cinema. A well calibrated surround sound system will extend and simulate the world you see on screen. For me that meant I could hear a car behind me going for an overtake or an enemy player walking in the next room.


When I applied the same rules to movies it gave me a deeper understanding of sound staging and recreating a scene with immersive, realistic sound; drawing me further into the film. Additionally, my father introduced me to the world of separates HiFi from a very young age. One of my earliest memories is him sitting me on his lap and playing me a new album through his overhead cans.



Favourite thing in the world:

Possibly the only hobby I care about more than my home cinema and games consoles is my motorbike. I ride every day and spend any spare moment taking care of it.



Most people didn’t know this before I wrote it on our site but:

The word “orange” rhymes with “door hinge” if you pronounce it right.