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How We Work

When you make contact with us, we’ll say a bright and breezy hello and then either:
Go through the details of your project over the phone and supply you with a quote there and then (this works
best for basic installations)


Medium sized projects can normally be catered for as above but in addition we’ll get you to ping us some
photos of the site and plans if you have them so we’re not flying blind; this helps us advise and
quote accurately


Complex jobs ( multi-room installations, where there is building work going on) usually require a
site visit before quotation to make sure we really understand your requirement and you get the full benefit
of all the possible helpful suggestions we can make


If you’re still in the early planning stages or are intending to have someone else do the installation, we also
offer a helpful on-site consultancy as a stand-alone service.


Once you’ve approved the quote we’ll get you to sign a terms of engagement letter before we begin (don’t

worry, it’s nothing scary, you can check it out here).


For smaller jobs it’s just a matter of booking in the work but if your project is a big kahuna we’ve learned

that the key to project success is careful planning, so we’ll come and spend some time with you and

your team preparing for the installation, drawing cable diagrams and generally setting us up for

success before we kick off the installation.


Once the work is completed we have a formal handover process to get you used to the new set up

and help you and your new toys get to know each other.



Where We Work

We do the vast majority of our work inside the M25 and into the Home Counties but we’re adventurous

types and would never rule out working further afield.


It has been known for us to venture as far as Southend, Brighton & Poole in our quest to deliver

outstanding entertainment systems but we’re not usually found much further north than

Watford (sorry Aberdeen!).


The only thing to bear in mind is travel time, if you’re a million miles from our main base of

operations it’s going to make it quite hard for us to pop round for a quick cup of tea and a chat.