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Technically, we offer custom AV installations; but if like most people that’s all Greek to you, we also offer an explanation in plain English.


In real terms, we offer a one stop shop for project management, impartial advice and expertise.


Our skills have been honed over a great many years to ensure that all the media equipment in

your house is set up and installed in a way that:


- Is safe and compliant

- Meets your aesthetic requirements

- Compliments your lifestyle

- Gets the best performance from your technology

Most importantly we’ll make sure we treat every project in a uniquely personal way, making sure

that we allocate the consultant most likely to keep a smile on everyone’s face.


This doesn’t just come down to having the right technical skill set, we look at the soft skills

and personalities of our consultants too to try and find the best match for you.



What kind of media equipment?

Everything from TVs to telephones, sound systems to satellite dishes, aerials, games systems,

projectors ,internet powered devices and services…almost anything you can imagine that needs

connecting to a cable or to be powered by wireless connectivity comes under our remit.



What sort of projects?

We like to get involved in all sizes of projects, from basic installations or one or two pieces of

equipment through to whole property refurbishments.

We like to think that we “fill in the blanks”, providing whatever skills and experience necessary

in a project to deliver a really satisfying result for you. The important thing for us is that you get

us involved at the outset so wecan help you avoid costly or annoying mistakes.


Unlike many companies, we don’t insist you buy your equipment through us; we’re consultants

not retailers; our prices are definitely competitive but if you have a burning desire to shop around

for kit and see if you can knock a few quid off, feel free!

If you’re a fan of the easy life, we’re happy to sort it all out for you at no extra charge and you’ll

benefit from our objective advice plus a single point of contact for all warranty and service queries

for both the equipment and installation work.