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There are many reasons why people trust us, for instance we are committed to being transparent and helpful at all times. Here are a few more:


We’ve Give Good Vibrations

We’re often told that what people love most about working with us is our sunny, positive and “can do”

attitude, we are proactive problem solvers who take surprises in our stride.


We passionately believe in our duty to do the right thing by our clients, that delivering on their expectations

is more important than anything else we do.


That’s why we put as much energy and passion into the handover process as we do the initial briefing,

becauseyou’ve got to be left with a system you’re totally comfortable with and that works for you,

speaking of which…



We Understand It’s YOUR Project

We like to involve you in the process as much as possible, we always make sure we understand exactly

what you want and expect before we begin a project.


Also we won’t bamboozle you with tonnes of technical jargon, but rather maintain a transparent, open line

of communication using simple language and concepts.


We know our responsibility is making you happy, making your dreams a reality and if you smile every time

you flick a switch, well to us that’s a job well done.



We Know Our Stuff

Head Honcho and walking Wikipedia of the Coloursound team is Rob with a whopping 25 years of

experience in the industry; additionally every member of our team is highly in their own right, with all

our project managershaving a minimum of 8 years’experience.


We like working with nice, helpful people and you’ll always find us willing to talk through your options

before you commit and on the off chance you ask us for something we don’t do, we’ll always be

happy to oblige in pointing you in the right direction.


We love working in teams and pay particular attention to building a good relationship with any other

contractors working on the project e.g. on-site builders or contractors, architects or designers.


Our approach means you cankick back, relax and let us get on with making your dream home a reality.