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Reece Pupo - Head Project Manager
Rob Ewing - Operations Manager
Akbar Hasan aka “Snack”
Jason Dodd Aerial & Satellite Specialist
Albert Mould - AV Engineer
Reece Pupo - Head Project Manager
Cameron Hunter - AV Engineer

Reece Pupo - Head Project Manager


Background/about me:

I’m originally from Sydney, Australia, I studied Mechatronic Engineering at UNSW and my first job was in Robotics. I have always had a passion for technology and understanding how things work, even when I was young I used to pull apart and fix old electronics, computers and games consoles.


My background in programming, design and automation helps me to make and create some really fun, functional and easy to use home automation systems.



Favourite thing in the world:

Animals and Nature, as much as I love technology nothing beats the beauty of our natural world.



Most people didn’t know this before I wrote it on our site but:

Pinocchio’s Paradox: If Pinocchio says “My Nose will grow now” it would cause a paradox.