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Terms of engagement

We thought it would be helpful to tell you a little bit about the way we work, to help you to know what to expect, before, during, and after your installation. We hope you consider our terms to be fair, we would be happy to discuss any of them with you at any time.


1. Time quoted; our commitment to you is that the times listed on our quotation are the most you will pay for the stages as they have been clearly defined, if we have quoted a time and it takes us longer than expected then we will only charge you for the quoted time. If it takes us less time than we have estimated then we will only charge for the time taken.


2. Your Commitment to us is feedback, at all stages. Please take time to explain exactly what you require, and as your project is progressing please let us know if there is anything at all that you are not sure about.


3. Installation Date changes; we understand that plans change and that things may need to be rearranged, no problem. All we ask is that you give us as much notice as possible. We will do our very best to meet your new dates or rebook you in the diary at the earliest opportunity.


4. All equipment must be paid for in full before we can order it for you, as most orders are specifically for individual clients. We will notify you regarding lead times to ensure that your equipment choices are available in good time for your installation day. We will send you a pro-forma invoice as soon as payment is required.


5. For installations where a written quote has been provided, a significant amount of preparation and planning takes place, in advance, before we come to site and (once dates are agreed) time is set aside exclusively for you in the diary (of course those dates are still movable, see point 3 regarding date changes above) and as such our terms are:


· We require a commitment in return of 50% of the labour quotation in advance. We will issue a pro forma invoice for payment when the booking is made in the diary. Cleared funds must be received in good time before the work can commence.


· The final 50% is only due once the job is completed. The only exception is in situations where we have carried out the majority of the installation and we are unable to finish off the work due to factors outside of our control (such as a lack of internet connection or unfinished building works for example),or extra jobs are added that require additional equipment to be ordered. In this case, we would simply ask that all outstanding invoices, for the work carried out so far, are paid up to date, with the remaining or additional work to be concluded as soon as the delay is removed or equipment delivered.


6. Refurbishment projects will often need essential cable plans, cables and site visits, long before the actual installation of equipment is due to take place, these will normally be listed as Stage 1 on your quotation. Rather than ask for 50% of the labour for the whole project at this early stage we would rather suggest that just Stage 1 is paid in advance and we will only ask for the 50% of the labour for the remaining work as the dates for the full installation are booked in the diary, normally when most of the building works have been completed.


7. Regarding additional requests; we hope that you will find us very flexible when it comes to accommodating changes of plan.


· Our quotation sets out very clearly the individual stages that we have quoted for, please take time to study the quotation to ensure that it covers the full extent of the installation.


· We are happy to help with any requests and if we are able to complete these within the time we have quoted, of course we won’t charge any extra.


· We are also happy to help with additional elements of an installation such as managing the movement of media or data, or programming of universal remote controls, all we would ask is that you are aware that these jobs can be time consuming, and generally we would prefer to quote for these if we have not done so already. The same would be true of larger additional requests such as additional zones of audio, broadband or network management, aerial work or extra TV screens.


We hope that you will happy with the service that we offer, if at any stage you have any questions or changes please feel free to contact us directly on or call

Rob or Jamie on 020 8487 8887, or speak directly to your individual consultant.


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