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We make sure we understand exactly how you want to enjoy your music, from the medium it’s stored in to the services you use to play it.

Some people are fine with a box radio to keep them company in the kitchen; however if that’s not you then

you’ll probably be thinking about how to get the most out of your sound system/s throughout your home.




Details to consider when planning a multi-room audio system.


Making your audio dreams come true is pretty much always possible; it just takes some thinking about.

Before you do anything else, check out our guide below that illustrates some of the elements we’ll need

to consider to make it happen for you.

Essential details
  • What will be your main source of music?
  • What size CD collection do you have?
  • What size is your digital music collection on
    your computer?
  • Would you prefer a wall keypad or
    portable controller?
  • How many rooms require music?
Other useful information
  • Do you use Apple or windows PC?
  • Do you currently use iTunes or another
    media player?
  • Do you currently use internet based
    music services?
  • Who is your broadband supplier?
  • What speed is your broadband at the moment?
If you’re planning various renovation orrefurbishment work, then that’s an idealtime to make a plan and get us in to adviseyou on options”