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We offer smart multi-room video installations that please everyone. Never feel constrained by your technology again.

So you want to catch up with Corrie on TiVo in the living room whilst the kids watch X Factor in their room and your wife wants to watch a period drama on iPlayer whilst making tomorrow’s lunch? That’s where we come in.


We look into every aspect from equipment siting, to making sure the result is fit for purpose, all you

need to do is relax and enjoy watching whatever you like wherever you like.




Details to consider when planning a video distribution system.


Below you’ll find a list of key considerations to think through before you begin a multi room

video installation. This will help guide you through the initial planning process, but we’d

strongly advise you drop us a line before you buy anything – free advice is part of the service!

Essential details
  • What video sources do you want to distribute?
  • Do you require all these sources to be in distributed in HD?
  • What was your main reason for distributing
    video signals?
  • How many rooms to you want to distribute video to?
Other useful information
  • Where will the distribution equipment be located?
  • Will the equipment go in a cabinet or rack?
  • Have you considered any products as yet?
Each project requires a fair bit ofthought to be sure that the resultwill be correct before we can planthe cabling and issue instructions”