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We can install any type of aerial or satellite dish including rectifying aerials that have been installed incorrectly or are “playing up”

This is more often than not an installation fault where we can rectify the problem and save you having to

buy new equipment. We take into account your location, the site of the aerial, its age, the signal coverage

and a host of other factors as well as giving you a quote that splits labour and materials.



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Are You Requiring Help With An Aerial Or Satellite System? image 2


Installation details to consider for aerial and satellite services


There are so many things you have to think about if you’re going to do a decent job of installing an

aerial or satellite dish.


Below we’ve listed some of the main ones to help you see why using a quality professional service

will save you heartache in the long run.




Let’s start with the easy stuff, what aerial or dish do you have already? How old is it? Right, you’ll need us for the next bit as it’s harder to know. When you have a reception problem it could be down to a number of things , location of roof aerial or dish, the alignment of the aerial or dish , the cabling being damaged or having water in it, cables being badly terminated or connected , quite often badly distributed or cut and re-joined following building work. We need to asses all of these things before we confirm the problem and best solution for you.


If you have nothing in place already, then all we need to know is a list of the services that you require from Freeview to Sky to European Satellite and FM to DAB radio.


We’ll create a plan that suits your lifestyle exactly, so you can listen to or watch what you want, when you want in different rooms throughout your home. Starting from scratch gives us the chance to do everything right first time, so you get brilliant reception anywhere in your home.


Once you know what services are required then work out where in your house that you want them to be used and we will work out the best solution for you.


There are a number of ways signals can be distributed and this will depend on various things. Cable routes available to us, flexibility for you now and later, distribution & location & control of equipment like satellite boxes, picture quality and cost are amongst some of the major considerations. We’ll guide you through all of this though so don’t worry!


Of course if they are not then we ‘ll happily help but this will affect the overall job cost and is something that people can miss when suggesting to us that’s it’s a basic installation.


Are you living in a flat , house , maisonette?
How big is the building?
Is your house detached?
What access have you got to your roof and walls internally and externally and does it involve anyone else’s property?


All this information will give us a feel for the type of job that will need doing. For example a standard two or three story building is straightforward, but if you are living on the 10th floor there might be a little more work involved!


If you own the freehold then usually this is fine, however if it is a leasehold then quite often you’ll require the freeholder’s permission before installing anything. Some companies won’t check this with you in order to secure the work which could lead to unpleasant situations and extra costs down the line so be careful!


If it’s a block then speak to the managing agent first as they often have an aerial company that looks after that property already and restricts others from working there so please check first, you should also check if there are any other restrictions in place on the building or area.


020 8487 8887