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You sell the kit, we’ll do the fit.

We’re the installer of choice for a number of leading local and national retailers, precisely because

we make your products look great and keep your customer happy after they’ve left the showroom.


We regularly take care of complex installations that are of little value to your business and take away

potential profit margin munching headache situations before they arise.



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We regularly take care of complex installations that are of little value to your business and take away 

potential profit margin munching headache situations before they arise.


Installation details to consider for AV retailers


Because we’re a specialist installer, there’s no risk we’ll steal business from your stores; on

the contrary because we are able to install projects of any size and level of complexity (from

the craziest location to the grandest mansion) you’ll make more high value sales because

you are able to connect the customer with a partner who can fulfil it.




If we’re talking simple plug and play and you’ve got the bandwidth to install the equipment you’ve sold yourself then by all means, be our guest.


Where we help is providing a safe pair of hands if you have people off or so busy that your time is better spent serving clients in your store rather than spending your time driving around London or using up your valuable evenings installing kit. We often find clients are happy to pay for our expertise and to ensure that a job is done well the first time even if there requirements may be fairly straightforward.


If you’ve got that golden combination of tools, parts, experience and time necessary to carry out your own installation service then we may only need to provide backup or fill in the blanks on certain parts of the job for you when required. We are more than happy to be there when you need us, whether it’s providing specific solutions to problems encountered or adding our extensive knowledge to your kit to deliver the result your client requires.


If you would rather spend your time making profit by selling the equipment in store rather than risking your margins or customer satisfaction by spending hours doing the installation then we are here to help. Our engineers have years of experience in all the important areas and they are some of the best in the business, so it is like extending your staffing level without the cost and gaining from a vast knowledge pool in both the technology and client satisfaction.


We also offer a very personal service and invest a lot of our time in the all-important systems required to provide your clients with a quality and trouble free result and a fully staffed office that is focused on looking after each client in the way you would expect.


This is often the most challenging part of an installation. We are experts in this field, whether it’s having the correct specialist parts to carry out the work or the extensive knowledge and experience needed to achieve the desired result.


Many installers lack the skills and know how when it comes to old vs. modern building practices and construction methods that may be required when running cables around a room or property.


Most clients want to achieve a solution that complements their property’s aesthetics and their personal lifestyle and we have years of experience in this field to make sure your customer understands all the options open to them.


We have extensive experience in networking wired, wireless and broadband and this provides the ultimate range of options for your clients. This is such an important area as most AV systems depend on connecting them to the internet these days.


Rather than just plugging in the kit and referring the client to their service providers (and therefore leaving them with a system that does not work very well) you can put them in touch with us. We have the ability to provide suggestions and solutions that make it easy for them, as well as all the relevant test equipment to ensure the correct advice and help is offered. This also saves costly return visits for both the client and the installation engineer and ensures client satisfaction.


This is an area that if done well can be very satisfying, however if done badly then it can be everyone’s biggest nightmare, costly for all involved and your biggest source of customer complaints.


We are the experts in AV solutions for refurbishment projects so get us involved early and let us help you by providing a complete and correct solution. We look after everything from on-site consultancy (including populating their equipment list and ensuring nothing is missed off their order with you) to providing plans and cable schedules. We provide a tailored and specific service where we help the client to achieve what they require and win the sale for you rather than them going to another company.


We get many calls from clients who have had astronomical quotes from other installation companies and are looking around for a solution that won’t break the bank. Together we can combine our areas of expertise to work out and deliver what the client requires.

You’ll make more high value sales because you areable to connect your customers with a partner whospecialises in projects and services that complementthe equipment you provide.