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Ssshhh! Don’t tell everyone, but guess what?

Your bar, restaurant or shop can have fantastic deep sound and crystal clear visual effects, regardless

of how large the site is or how awkwardly shaped. How? Decent installation.


We specialise in providing top quality installations to independents and smaller chains, helping them

to achieve professional audio-visual delivery to equal any of their larger rivals.



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Are You A Bar, Restaurant Or Shop Needing Music Or TV2


Installation details to consider for bars, restaurants & shops


What’s the secret? How can we do it?


Mastering the craft of AV installation takes years and no small amount of skill but we can share

some of the things we think about on every job with you below so you can get an idea of the process.


Beware of general handymen and builders who claim to be able to do installations; check they are

properly qualified and experienced enough to do them. They won’t have to deal with poor sound,

patchy reception and disgruntled customers, but you will.


We can provide consultation and advice to your usual maintenance or building firm if you prefer to

keep it all under one roof.




From restaurants to bars and retail shops, we offer a bespoke installation service that will suit your needs and budget, as long as you’re reasonably realistic on what you’re trying to achieve (we can’t promise the Albert Hall for a fiver but you’ll be amazed at what we can do!).


We would require a visit to assess what is possible and would be suitable for the space; we would be looking at positioning of equipment and speakers for maximum effect and suitable sound coverage (as well as the possible effect it may have on your neighbours to ensure good relations and customer satisfaction!).


From simple two channel music systems to a multiple area sound and video experience, we can design a system for you. It’s important to make sure we have all the facts and possible uses for the system before we start. From popping up a new TV to running cables and mounting your speakers through to installing a new aerial or satellite dish or installing a new projector for a big event to entertain your customers, we can cover it.


We can hide your equipment rack in the office or your amp behind the bar plus installing smart controls in sensible places, you just tell us what you need and we’ll make the magic happen.


It’s important for us to understand your requirements and how the system will be used so that we can offer the correct advice and equipment.


If you’re just using it as background music for your restaurant, retail store or wine bar then we will take a slightly different view and approach to building the system than if you’re wheeling in a superstar DJ on a Saturday night for a party or showing an important sporting event for die-hard fans. We will also have to assess and put in sound limiters to make sure you’re compliant with the noise police (dull but necessary!).


It’s equally important to get the correct equipment for the correct job. If you only have occasional usage and it’s not essential to the functioning of your business then you might be able to put a smile on the bank manager’s face and get a domestic system. However if your customer experience relies on your system working or the system is on all day then you would do better to look at more robust and higher spec commercial equipment made specifically for the job in hand. It will last for years and perform to a much higher standard, also quite often it’s designed to be easier to use so all staff will be able to work it.


If you require separate areas to have independently controlled volume then its more than likely that you will need a commercial system so it may be worth considering this when making your decision; either way we will assess your needs and risks accordingly. We also need to know the source of your media (laptop, iPod, music server or internet music service, stored video, or Sky TV etc.).


If your installation involves working in areas that a usually quite busy with staff and customers then it may be much easier to explore the possibility of us carrying out the work outside of your normal opening times. If it’s part of a building process then we need to make sure that we work in conjunction with the onsite contractors so we are not tripping over each other trying to work in the same areas at the same time. Either way, let us know and we will accommodate and fit around your requirements where humanly possible.

"We offer a bespoke installation service that will suityour needs and budget, as long as you’re reasonablyrealistic on what you’re trying to achieve”