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We’re more than happy to carry out this kind of job and will be able to give you a fair, accurate, no surprises quote.”

Sometimes all you need is a straightforward installation on a single bit of kit.

We’re more than happy to carry out this kind of job, we’ll use our years of expertise to evaluate

your situation and requirements before we start and will be able to give you a fair, accurate, no surprises quote.


Our expert fitters will make sure the job is done quickly, tidily and your equipment is set up properly.

We’ll also make sure you know how it works before we leave.



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Details to consider for basic installation service


Below you’ll find a number of useful things to consider regarding your installation.


This information is provided to help guide you through all the important aspects of the job and

will prepare you for some of the decisions and considerations involved.




This will help us determine if it’s a basic installation or an audio visual installation. “What’s the difference?” I hear you cry, “Surely you just plug it in and you’re away?” Sadly the wonders of modern technology come at a price as it all has various settings and configuration that needs to happen if it is to work effectively. If you only have a TV and a DVD then there’s not much work to do, but if you have amplifiers , speakers and recording devices or even external satellite or Freeview boxes that all need to work together, then this could be more work than you think.


Placement of the equipment is key of course but this is usually a fairly quick process for us regardless if we are mounting your equipment on a stand or the wall; we are often asked how long will the installation take as its “just hanging a TV on a wall”, depending on the size of the TV that’s usually the easiest and quickest bit.

Cupboards can often be a bit more challenging due to space required for the equipment and cabling, whereas freestanding equipment units with easy access at the rear will speed up the process.

It’s important to bear in mind that if we’ve got to move your room around before we start our work; this will increase your cost for the job so it’s smart to get it done before we arrive if you can..


When we say services, we’re thinking about things like the electrical supply for equipment, aerial or satellite cable location, internet connection, all these are important items that need to be in position for where the equipment is going for it to work.


Of course if they are not then we ‘ll happily help but this will affect the overall job cost and is something that people can miss when suggesting to us that’s it’s a basic installation.


No cable management or basic cable management is usually simple enough for us to include in the price, but please make sure you will be happy with this as an option when asking for a basic installation. Extra tidy cables in a minimalized modern room will take longer as will very specific requirements, wending our way across very cluttered rooms or atypical instructions on equipment use. If in doubt, give us a call for some free helpful advice!.


In order for us to carry out a basic install you need to be ready with your equipment on site at least a day before installation.


Some people ask if we can collect the equipment for us, if that is what you want this isn’t a problem but it’s worth bearing in mind that this can take longer than the job itself and will raise the cost of installation significantly on a basic job.


Please don’t fall foul of a missed delivery date – try and get your equipment delivered a few days before the scheduled installation as it’d break both our hearts for you to have to reschedule and incur further costs because your delivery man got stuck in traffic!


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