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We are the recommended solution for some of the best known estate agents in London. Why?

Because we are able to work with buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants to ensure their AV

requirements are tailored to their specific needs.


We’re a neatly sized team of expert project managers and engineers, backed up with a superb

office support staff and the latest communication and project management technology, all of

which makes us really easy to work with.


We provide assessments and suggestions that will increase property value and commercial appeal.



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We provide assessments and suggestions that will increase property value and commercial appeal.


Audio visual considerations for estate & letting agents


What do you need to know and do when selling or letting a house? Below we’ve listed some

of the things you have to do, along with some great suggestions for adding to the market value

and overall appeal of a property.




We understand that either the agent or the landlord will be required to provide certain services and make the property attractive to the tenant in a way that won’t break the bank and eat into the profit margins, but at the same time making the property an attractive proposition to rent.


In today’s world pretty much every property will have a requirement from the tenant to get their technology working and we are very experienced in providing a balance between expected services and reasonable costs to the landlord and agent. We are also able to tactfully let the tenant know what additional options are possible without upsetting the landlord by going over the top and substantially altering the fabric of the property.


This can range from the basics of evaluating the equipment in a new property for you to maintaining existing equipment and aerial systems through to helping the landlord, agent or seller with suggestions and advice that will really impress so the property is much more desirable.


We know you’ve got better things to do than try and become an electronics expert; we’ll help you to understand the value of the equipment in the properties you are selling or renting and flag up any concerns before a dodgy building survey blows your sale out the water.


This is often the most challenging part of an installation. We are experts in this field, whether it’s having the correct specialist parts to carry out the work or the extensive knowledge and experience needed to achieve the desired result.


Many installers lack the skills and know how when it comes to old vs. modern building practices and construction methods that may be required when running cables around a room or property.


Most clients want to achieve a solution that complements their property’s aesthetics and their personal lifestyle and we have years of experience in this field to make sure your customer understands all the options open to them.


We deal with anything from a studio or 1 bed flat with a TV reception problem through to a large multi storey house or grand apartment with advanced multi-room requirements and controls.


We have vast experience of all sizes of projects and challenges that London properties present us with. We thrive on a challenge and love finding solutions even on the most challenging properties and they are all equally important to us, so whatever the size of the job get in contact and we will discuss a way forward.


We will always try our best to meet your requirement. We make sure that we have the flexibility to respond pretty quickly for visits and assessments and smaller jobs but it will depend on the size and complexity of the task in question and when the work can be carried out. we always try to accommodate even on busy weeks.

“We are able to work with buyers, sellers, landlordsand tenants to ensure their AV requirements aretailored to their specific needs."