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You’ve packed the silverware, the dog and the kitchen sink,
but what about the fiddly bits like the multi room sound
system or the home cinema?

We’ve come to the rescue of dozens of reluctant removal men, advising or executing the safe

removal of all kinds of systems; to make your life really simple we can put them back in again at

the other end too! If you’re keen to make sure your equipment is undamaged and ready to reinstall

as soon as you get to your new house.



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Installation details to consider when moving home


Can I not just unplug it all and chuck it in a box? Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but no,

I’m afraid not (or at least not without causing big problems for yourself once you get to your new home).


Here are some of the things we’d need to think about when transplanting an existing system:




Moving into your new home can be taxing at the best of times, so get us in to help you and take the stress out of it. I’m sure that in an ideal world, you would like everything to be in place when you step in the door for the first time. In reality, the priorities are to cover the basics first (phone, TV and broadband) so at least the kids have no excuse for dodging homework, you can call your family and flop down in front of the box at the end of a hard day’s unpacking.


We would advise that you give us a call and have a chat about what your requirements well in advance and get us in at the earliest opportunity. Ideally you’d sneak us in for a quick look before the completion date so we can take a look and a make a plan for the day after you get the keys. We have the test equipment needed to check your services and the experience necessary to spot things that will be useful or present a challenge. We would also advise that you look to set up and arrange certain things in advance that could have a lead time of a few weeks once you move in.


You’re more than welcome to DIY if you have the time and technical know-how but unfortunately, it’s rarely as simple as walking into a property and plugging stuff in. We don’t mind at all if you want to give it a go and get us in if it’s starting to drive you mad or you get to the point where you need certain specialised things or experience!


Most house moves take up more time, energy and patience than any normal human possesses, so give yourself a break and let us take a load off your plate.


We need to know what kit you have and what you are bringing with you as well as maybe any new things on your wish list for the new pad. This will help us by making sure we take everything into account and can plan accordingly. ?


As mentioned, if we are allowed to do a recce of the new property before you move, we’ll be able to advise on what is already there and fill in the gaps. That way if there are small components and bits of cable that are needed, we can order them in in advance so you don’t need to wait to have a house that works!


If you have inherited whole or partial legacy systems with your property, you want to know what they’re worth and how much effort and investment it’d take to get them up and running again.


We offer a very affordable, thorough and easily-executed survey of the entire property and we can give you straight taking advice and an honest evaluation of what’s already in the property and what it’d take to get it functional again


If you have much more advanced requirement and aspirations for your new property then I’m sure we can help. From a multi-room music system, to aerial or Sky distribution all the way through to a media room or dedicated cinema room, CCTV and entry phones then we’ve got loads of ideas and experience to suit various budgets.


If you doing various renovations or building work or full refurbishment, then that’s an ideal time to make a plan and get us in to advise you on options. Even if you’re not sure about your requirements to start with then is very unusual that you won’t need some of our services along the way; careful planning, even if you’re going to leave putting equipment in until well after the project is finished will save you time, money and heartache later on, so let us help and advise on sensible cable installation that will give you all sorts of options when you’re ready.

If you have inherited whole or partial legacy systemswith your property, you want to know what they’reworth and how much effort and investment it’d take toget them up and running again