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Pretty much every piece of technology now either requires
or has the option to integrate with the internet and so making sure your home is correctly networked is more
important than ever.

We do much more than just plug in your router, we are able to provide advice on wired vs. wireless

and combination systems, do signal and connectivity planning for the whole property and take into

account your lifestyle requirements e.g. providing a strong enough signal and enough bandwidth

to stream music and videos in different locations.



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Are You Looking To Install Or Upgrade Your Network? image 2


Installation details to consider for home networking


Did you know that there are loads of things that can affect your decisions about home networking?


Many things can affect your broadband performance from the location of your router, to the material

of your doors and walls through to what your neighbours are up to!




When starting a repair or upgrade job we’ll need to know what you have already and what speed your internet is running at (upload and download). It’s also important to tell us about any existing problems that you are having (e.g. slow speed or interference or range not good enough).


Once you’ve got your grumbles out the way we’ll look at what extras are required and what’s your connection is being used for (e.g. just email and surfing or streaming/downloading). It’s also helpful for us to know your current phone & broadband provider and whether you are locked into a contract; do you know what services they offer and which package you are on?


The final thing we’d need from you is all your account details (username, password); if you have a wireless system, have you got the password for this? Then you’re all set and it’s over to us!.


A new installation is dream time! Start by listing all the services you require and what you might use your connection to do (its best to list as many possible uses as you are likely to need here, don’t be shy – it’ll only cause you pain later!)


Other things to think about include your preferred internet provider or perhaps any one you would not like to use. If you’ve not got specific ideas here we’d at least need to know if your choice will be based on performance or cost.


I know it can seem like no big deal but it’s pretty important to know if we’re looking at just having a connection available in one room or a few rooms.


Do you need multiple cable connections in certain rooms for different purposes? (If you’re not sure on this one do give us a call and we’ll walk you through it). Aside from your connection points you’ll need to think about wireless access; does this need to be all over your house or just in certain rooms?


It is usually best and most reliable is to wire rather than use wireless as there are many things that can interfere with a wireless signal.


There are various options and combinations available including running external weather proof cables to extending the connection over your house wired mains electrical system. Things that can affect wireless signals are various so we often look to run cables where possible and run wireless locally where we can test the amount of traffic on wireless channels.


We need a little window into your lifestyle here (not the details, just general habits!)

Are you just emailing and surfing the net at home? If this is the case, what else do you do?


Downloading a lot of files and streaming audio and video content from the web present their own particular requirements, so it’d help us to know if you do this regularly. The other big consideration is games, if you or another family member is a regular gamer, we’ll want to make sure you get the best possible experience; and this means top speeds from your internet connection.


020 8487 8887