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It’s that big meeting...

Everybody that matters is sat round the table gazing expectantly at the projector system

and you’re clipping on your microphone to make sure you can project over the sound of the air conditioning.


The last thing you need is to suffer a technical issue that leaves you unable to deliver your presentation.

We step in to make sure small and medium sized companies without specialist in-house AV staff have equipment installed that is reliable and user friendly.



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Are You looking For An Office Or Boardroom AV Installation image 2

Installation details to consider for offices


How do we make sure your equipment performs reliably and meets all your requirements?

Discover some of the many areas we’d look at in detail when installing audio visual equipment into an office.




From small offices, to larger organisations, architects to advertising agencies, we offer a uniquely personal service.
We make the effort to assess your work on a job by job basis, to find the correct solution for your project and budget. So if you’re setting up a new office that needs to provide presentations to your clients, through to adding a new screen or projector system in the board room to show the all-important sporting events (I mean company reports!) then give us a bell and we will pop over and have a chat and see what we can do for you.


It’s important to get the correct equipment for the correct job. If you only have occasional usage and it’s not business critical then why not save your pennies and get a domestic system. If your bottom line relies on slick delivery of presentations or your equipment is on all day then you would be better to look at more robust and higher spec commercial equipment made specifically for the job in hand. It will carry on doing its job for years and to a much higher standard; quite often it’s designed to be easier to use so you don’t have to rely on the one and only person in your team that knows how to use it.


In order to provide a suitable solution we would be looking to confirm the services required to achieve your desired result, from Freeview TV to Sky Sports, presentations to computer and internet connectivity. In a lot of cases we will need to speak to the building managing agents for information and authorisation if external equipment needs installing and your IT company or department regarding your network, firewalls and permissions to ensure that they can provide the appropriate support for us.


Any information and contact details you can prepare and supply up front will help us to get the answers we need to know much quicker when we visit.


If your installation involves working in areas that are usually quite busy with staff and clients then it may be much easier to explore the possibility of us carrying out the work outside of your normal working hours. If it’s in the boardroom then I’m sure we can work around your booked meetings.
Either way let us know or we will accommodate and fit around your requirements where humanly possible.


As a rule we find it more cost effective for you to book us on an ad hoc basis when you need us. Although if it’s a deal breaking requirement then let us know and I’m sure we can come up with a plan of action for you!

From small offices, to larger organisations, architectsto advertising agencies, we offer a uniquely personalservice.”