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You’re the logistics expert and your reputation as a careful
and considerate removal company is one of your most
precious assets.

We can help you by providing specialist knowledge and skills when removing, packing and consolidating sensitive (and often very expensive) AV systems.


The last thing you want is a broken hearted client with an equally broken speaker system, so don’t take

the risk – give us a call and we’ll look after you.



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Are You A Removal Company Relocating AV Equipment? image 2


Details to consider for removal companies


We work closely with you and more importantly with your client to fully understand their expectations and requirements of what they’ll want to take with them and reassure them that it will be done professionally

and in a way that eliminates any unnecessary expense and work when it comes to reinstallation.


We also try to alleviate worry by coming with them, putting the equipment back together again at the

other end and testing that everything works perfectly in their new home.




It is vitally important to make sure the client gets the correct end result even if initially they are not sure what this should be other than to move everything from one house to another. We have the experience and knowledge to offer the client help and advice and guidance on all decisions required pre and post move. We are confident that by putting us in contact with the client that they will experience the highest possible quality of service which will further enhance their positive perception of your business.


We have extensive knowledge of equipment that will help the client to make the correct decisions on what they should leave and what they should take with them. Anything from TVs to wall brackets and cables down to speakers and screwed down equipment, we can advise on what makes sense to remove and what’d be cheaper or less hassle to replace than transport.


Leaving certain things like cables or items of equipment that are needed to make another bit of kit work could work out to be more expensive than you think. We have the knowledge and experience to provide guidance here and we would make sure that all the relevant items are together and complete. Sometimes knowing which things go with others will save everyone a lot of trouble later on when you get to the other end, you don’t want to be faced with a bunch of questions you can’t answer (or even pricey compensation claims) when the client is struggling to get everything working again!


We feel that by getting us involved this increase the value add to your client as many people to not know who to trust with their valuable equipment at either end and it provides expert knowledge and assistance to support any and all technical requirements.


We are trusted and recommended by many AV retailers and have long standing relationships with them and many other businesses which should give you the confidence that your client is in safe hands and will give them the additional expertise they will need when they get to the other end and want everything set back up again.


Although we are sure that any move is planned well in advance there may be times where you get a specialist requirement at the last minute. We will always try our best to meet your requirement; we make sure that we have the flexibility to respond quickly for visits, assessments and smaller jobs but it will depend on the size and complexity of the task as to when the work can be carried out. We always try to accommodate your needs, even on our busiest weeks, so you can be confident you have someone reliable to turn to if your guys come across something they may not understand fully when they arrive at a new job.

“We have the experience and knowledge required to
help, advise and guide you and your clients on all
decisions required pre and post move."